At last some news.

Thanks to the hard work of the Bal Moderne Academy, in collaboration with Ten Weyngaert and the Commune of Forest last year, we’ve been able to constitute a treasure trove of the Bal Moderne dances: from the evergreens of the 90s, to the brand-new ones on Queen B and beyond. These films, that show the basic structure of each dance clearly, will shortly be available in the Bal Moderne ‘On-Line library’, which you can consult and pick and chose your own dances to perfect and party to. There will also be a section of ‘road-movies’ showing our teams and their antics from Korea to Canada, from Bretigny to Bruges…heart-warming memories we want to share and cherish. Much of the footage has been filmed and edited by Jean-Michel Agius.

2018 is a year of important anniversaries…First of all Bal Moderne will be 25 years young! And that means party time!

2018 is also the 50th anniversary of Mai ’68. We all know that middle-age is the second age of rebellion, so with these thoughts in mind, we will be creating and touring a specially devised 'Love BM' though-out the season of 2018-2019.

2018 is also the centenary of the End of the 1st World War, in these troubled times all opportunities to reflect on passed errors is to be welcomed. We will be reinstating choreographies that we created to commemorate the start of the 14-18 War and creating new ones that will aim to translate a greater spirit of reconciliation and non-resignation.

Eager to be in step with today’s rhythm we hope to be launching a new collective dance concept ‘The BM Sessions’ from October 2017 that will be less about teaching you dance steps than tapping into that part of you that’s dancing all the time. The most expert of contemporary dancers and choreographers of our time will once again, help you.

More about these developments can be found on the website from June 2017

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